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The Dangers Of Marble Jul 25, 2017

The hazards of natural marble mainly manifested in the radioactive material-radon, which is a colorless and tasteless inert gas. Cement, brick brakes, marble, ceramic tile and other building materials are the main source of radon.

There are two main radioactive hazards in natural stone, that is, radiation in vivo and in vitro. In vivo radiation is mainly into the human body of radionuclides as radiation source to the human body irradiation, and thus damage the system function of people. This radioactive nuclide that decays in the air enters the body with the air, or attaches to the trachea mucous membrane and the lungs surface, or dissolves bodily fluids into the cell tissue, forming the body's radiation, inducing lung cancer, leukemia and respiratory lesions. In addition, radon also has a high affinity for human body fat, prolonged exposure will affect the human nervous system, so that people are depressed, sleepy. In vitro radiation mainly refers to the natural stone in the radiation body directly irradiated the human body to produce a biological effect, will be on the human body of the hematopoietic organs, nervous system, reproductive systems and digestive diseases caused damage.