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Beige Marble

Marble is a kind of building stone product used in decoration nowadays. It must be known that it is also a natural product, so it has a very good appearance and color, and has always been favored by consumers. Beige marble is mainly divided into the following main categories:
1.White sand beige
In beige marble, this kind of white sand beige is light gray-like pattern. It can be said that its luminosity will be poor and can be glued. Relatively speaking, this kind is more suitable for hotels and hotels. At present, this main application is used indoors and outdoors, for example, some components, wash basins, sculptures and other places will be more suitable.
2. Oman beige
Oman beige is mainly made of beige. As for its texture, there are two kinds of large flowers and small patterns. The large flowers are generally in the shape of a twill. As for the small flowers, this is a small circle, such as a shell. Cut face flowers. This material can be used as a decorative panel for advanced decoration, and it can also be used to make murals, handicrafts, daily necessities, etc.
3.Spanish beige
Spain's beige product is still based on calcium carbonate, so this product has become a natural art, it can be said that it has become the stone of choice for high-end architectural renovation. For example, some background colors are beige and a small amount of fine red lines. It can be said that this product has good luminosity.
Welcome to Winner Stone to purchase Beige Marble. As one of the professional suppliers in China, we offer Beige Marble of different colors and different specifications. If necessary, you negotiate with us.
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