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Granite Tiles

Granite is rich in varieties and colors. With the different proportion of granite composition, showing different colors, can provide customers with a wide range of choices.
Granite is hard, durable, uniform and high strength, the hardness is second only to diamond. Its weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption, is a good building material. Some famous foreign buildings and castles are made of granite. After several centuries, they are still strong and durable.
Granite face slab is easy to maintain and has strong anti-fouling ability. Granite is hard, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, beautiful color can be preserved for more than 100 years, but also can be renovated. Compared with other decorative materials, it has the advantage of one investment and lifelong benefit.
Natural stone, non-renewable, has a good value-preserving effect. As a non-renewable resource, the amount of savings of granite is limited, especially some precious and rare granite materials, which are now exploited in limited quantities.
Therefore, granite is rarer and nobler than pottery, porcelain or any other artificial material, so granite decoration can greatly increase the value of real estate.
Because of the limitation of non-renewability and mining cost of granite, the cost is relatively high. In order to pursue the decorative effect of granite, some buildings have chosen ceramic tile with imitation stone pattern instead. Artificial ceramic tiles imitating stone are made by pressing and moulding. The texture of these products is monotonous and repetitive, and the color is stiff and lacks stereoscopic sense, which is far from that of natural stone. And from the point of use, whether the hardness of ceramic tile, acid and alkali resistance, or the cost of use and maintenance, are far from the natural granite.
Winner Stone, a supplier specializing in the production of Granite Tiles, you can buy many different colors of Granite Tiles here, and we guarantee that the prices is cheaper than other manufacturers, welcome to consult.