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Granite Vanity Tops

Granite has a high density, high hardness and a very wear-resistant surface. It is also one of the materials frequently used in home decoration. Compared with natural marble, granite has better antibacterial regeneration ability in materials that can be used in kitchen countertops.
The granite surface has coarser particles and its hardness is second only to diamonds. It is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar and mica, and is very suitable for places with relatively large friction. It is hard because it crystallizes slowly and is intertwined like Rubik's Cube.
The subtle color change of granite is that artificial stone cannot be counterfeited, and the color changes with the change of light. Its color, spots or other styles run through the entire piece of granite, while the artificial stone has only one surface layer, so each stone has different characteristics.
Among the heat-resistant stones, granite can be considered as one. Even if the heated pot is placed directly on the table, it will not leave any marks on the table. Moreover, its heat dissipation is also good, and there is no bubble or cracking due to temperature difference.
If you really like natural materials, then granite is an ideal choice, but you should pay special attention to the seam level of construction workers to prevent potential health hazards.
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