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Grey Marble

Gray marble floor tiles advantage
1.beautiful and generous
Perhaps many people are initially attracted by the appearance of gray marble. There are dozens of varieties of gray marble, and the color is more selective. Because of the variety of styles and colors, grey marble can adapt to different styles of decoration, Chinese or modern style.
Grey marble is a very durable and hard stone. The inherent robustness of grey marble is actually beneficial. You will never have to worry that your dog will scratch your floor with your claws.
3.the service life is very long
The life of grey marble can be said to be beyond imagination and durable.
How to maintain gray marble tiles
1. First of all, these are the
you need to avoid. In places where population movements are frequent, it is best not to install marble, because continuous pedaling will make it faster to burn; and where the lanes and kitchen lights are used more efficiently, try to avoid using gray marble. But sometimes it is inevitable that if you must use marble, you must use the correct method to maintain and clean.
2.Avoid acidic substances when cleaning
When cleaning gray marble, do not let acidic substances or liquids come into contact. Marble is a lot of tiny gaps, such as vinegar or orange juice, which can easily contaminate and damage marble. If you accidentally spill acid on the marble, you should wipe it off with a towel in time to avoid stains.
3.marble bricks are also easy to enter the water, wipe with a dry towel can reduce water stains
Marble is a lot of small gaps, so if there is water intrusion, they should be wiped dry with a towel. Although gray marble is very hard and practical, it is still permeable to water stains.
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