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Quartz Vanity Tops

1. Quartz Vanity Tops adopts special production technology and formula materials to form a quartz crystal dense structure in the brick body under the condition of non-constant temperature calcination and pressure. The water absorption of the brick body is extremely low <0.1%, and the density is low. High, hard, resistant to bending, abrasion, dirt and moisture.
2, quartz brick raw material preparation requirements are extremely high, in order to meet the rich texture, realistic tactile sense and visual sense of quartz brick copy natural stone; restore the natural texture of the whole stone, quartz brick brick is a dense, non-porous composite material The perfect combination of decorative effect and practical performance is a substitute for natural stone.
3. Quartz bricks are protected by modern production technology. The raw materials do not contain any radioactive impurities and no radiation. There are no defects such as large color difference, many sputum, easy water seepage, difficult to care, high price and long supply period.
Welcome to Winner Stone to purchase Quartz Vanity Tops. As one of the professional suppliers in China, we offer Quartz Vanity Topsof different colors and different specifications. If necessary, you negotiate with us.