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Wooden Marble

Winner Stone, a supplier specializing in the production of Wooden Marble, you can buy many different colors of Wooden Marble here, and we guarantee that the prices is cheaper than other manufacturers, welcome to consult.
One of the wooden stone is Athens Grey marble, we supplies various kinds of wooden marble products, such as floor tiles, wall tiles, countertops, vanity tops, stairs, big slabs ,etc.They are used in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom.
Athens Grey Features:
1) Frost-proof and non-flammable
2) Acid-proof and alkali-proof
3) Resistant to fading, staining and discoloration
4) Easy to clean, bright color and elegant style
5) Health care massage, shiny clean, no dust
The name of this wooden marble collection comes from the natural striated texture of marble tiles. This vein is made up of random vertical fault lines, each of which is formed during the formation of marble, allowing other deposits to enter and petrify. Stone neutral, warm grey tones make it a flexible and popular choice. Thanks to the variety of formats available, one can create a bathroom or kitchen with the same stone throughout the process.