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Physical properties of quartz stone May 31, 2018

Physical properties of quartz stone:

luster: Glass Luster
Color: No, white, with a point of gray, yellow to orange, purple, dark purple, pink, gray brown, Brown, black
Streak: White
Gravity: 2.65 ~ 2.66
Category: Metamorphic rock, metamorphic from sandstone.
(1) Brittle
(2) with thermoelectric
(3) Refractive index 1.533 ~ 1.541, double refractive index difference 0.009, dispersion 0.013
(4) Quartz has a strong piezoelectric (piezoelectric property), that is, the impact of tapping friction will produce sparks, which is the Flint method of fire. (5) The common inclusions in quartz are: Hair crystal (Hair crystal)-mostly rutile. Grass into the crystal-mainly for tourmaline; water crystal-quartz with liquid inclusions, blue quartz-containing light blue rutile needle, milk quartz-caused by the pores of fine water turbidity, green quartz-by the plate-like or debris-like green clay stone, sometimes green needle-like Yang Shi Emery Stone (Aventurine)-quartzite inside contains green or reddish-brown mica fine pieces, also known as Yao Quartz, commonly known as dongling stone. Common smoke black to dark brown crystal smoke, mainly these rocks contain more radioactive uranium, thorium elements of the relationship.